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Get paid to take care of a loved one

Care Solutions of Pittsburgh

Receive continuous support from a loved one by employing a family member or friend for your care needs. They'll earn an income while providing you with heartfelt assistance.

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Getting care you trust is simple

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Step 1: Get Assessed

Begin by undergoing a thorough assessment. Our professionals will evaluate your needs and assist you in determining your financial eligibility.

This ensures that you'll receive the appropriate level of care and sets the foundation for your personalized care plan.

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Step 2: Choose a Caregiver

You're free to select a caregiver who you're comfortable with. This could be a family member, friend, or certified professional.

Once you have been given your caregiver, we will process the paperwork to ensure to make sure that your caregiver meets our qualifications. This guartentees you high quality and consistent care.

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Step 3: You get care - They get paid!

Once everything is set, your caregiver starts providing you with the care you need, based on your personalized plan.

And the best part? Your caregiver gets paid for their hard work, ensuring a win-win situation for both of you.

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What Care Solutions Caretakers are saying...

A portrait of Sarah Davis.

"A win-win situation for my family."

Sarah Davis

Pittsburgh, PA

"Thanks to Care Solutions, I could work as a caregiver for my aunt. I earn a decent income while providing her with trustworthy care. Their slogan, 'Get paid to take care of a loved one,' holds true."

A portrait of Alan Michaels.

"Life-changing for both me and my father."

Alan Michaels

Pittsburgh, PA

"Care Solutions enabled me to quit my retail job and get paid to take care of my father. This has been transformative for both of us and has made us incredibly happy."

A portrait of Linda Nguyen.

"The financial relief was as important as the emotional comfort."

Linda Nguyen

Pittsburgh, PA

"Before Care Solutions, I was having financial difficulties. Now, I'm paid to take care of my mother, easing our financial and emotional burdens."

A portrait of Robert Wilson.

"Quality time and quality care, all in one."

Robert Wilson

Pittsburgh, PA

"I've been caregiving for my brother, for years out of love. Care Solutions turned that love into a viable career. It's no longer just an emotional investment; it's also a long-term commitment."

Watch our video

Take a moment to watch our video for a closer look into what we offer. This engaging and informative animation is designed to answer some common questions and give you a clearer understanding of our services.

What Care Solutions Patients are saying...

A portrait of George Clark.

"I'm not just a patient; I'm a beloved grandfather."

George Clark

Pittsburgh, PA

"Thanks to Care Solutions, my granddaughter is my official caregiver. She gets paid for the work, and I get to spend my days with family. It's fulfilling in a way I can't describe."

A portrait of Emily Brown.

"The comfort of family, thanks to Care Solutions."

Emily Brown

Pittsburgh, PA

"Being cared for by my own daughter has been a blessing. It's not just professional care; it's heartwarming and genuine. And the best part is, she's being compensated for it."

A portrait of Karen Williams.

"I have peace of mind, and so does my family."

Karen Williams

Pittsburgh, PA

"Care Solutions facilitated a way for my son to be my caregiver. Now, he has a steady income and I have the comfort of knowing I'm in capable, loving hands."

A portrait of Paula Johnson.

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

Paula Johnson

Pittsburgh, PA

"Having my best friend as my caregiver has been amazing. With Care Solutions, she can now earn an income for her compassionate care. It's a model that benefits us both immensely."