"Care Solutions and I have quite the history spanning a good 16 years now.  The day Paulette Fazio came to my home to introduce herself and my potential attendant, I was nervous.  My nervousness did not last long after Paulette enthused about our Steelers.  After that happened, she was ok in my book.  As for the attendant who came over with her that day, well - believe it or not she's still with me!  Talk about a match made in heaven, right?   I certainly am happy to have been refereed to Care Solutions as they have been caring, reliable and accommodating throughout the years."


-Deborah I.

 South Park


"I have been with Care Solutions for almost 7 years.  Throughout the whole Coronavirus situation, Care Solutions is the best out there.  I see so many people in my building going without care during this time.  Heidi and Gina go above and beyond to provide me with the best care I could ask for."

-James L.

Mt. Washington